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Outstanding Engineer Addresses 2010 Grdauates

Engineer Jeffrey Mijares, a 2001 Outstanding Chemical Engineer Awardee, addressed and inspired the nearly one thousand and five hundred Augustinian 2010 Graduates last March 2010.


Ian J. Aragorat
Beat it, Thriller, Bad; who could ever forget these songs that once and still makes its listeners go wild and crazy on the dance floor? Who could say that he/she is not a fan of the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson? I must say “none”!
The college of Engineering and Architecture, a college known for its uniqueness and being “Astig” showed everyone that something or someone really lasts and is worth remembering as they paid tribute to the Legendary Michael Jackson. The CEA staffs and students thought of something to be done as a tribute to an icon, an extraordinary first that stands out among the others, a first that will catch everyone’s attention, and a first that will once again prove that “Basta Tekno Astig” –the first ever “Tekno’s King of Pop”.
Six Michael Jackson aspirants from their respective departments wowed the audience as they showed themselves dressed like MJ for the first time. Each of them had their own way of satisfying the audience’s expectations and as expected, they never failed to amuse the crowd for the every signature MJ move they made on the floor. Everyone in the crowd had their own pick and favorite, especially when it came to the question and answer portion. The contestants left its audience stunned in amusement as they showed their brainy side in answering the questions given to them.
After a not so long time of waiting, the results were out, and everyone’s hearts pounded like drums. Everyone was shouting their own bet’s name and number, but the results were unchangeable. The minor awards were given first. The Best in Production Number and Best in Talent was bagged by the representative of the Architecture Department while the Best in Question and Answer was given to the ECE Department. The surrounding was covered with silence as everyone waited for the winners of the major awards. Gimvy Pinuela, a 2nd year Architecture Student was hailed 2nd Runner up among the others. But tension only got higher as the 1st Runner up was bagged by the Representative of the Interior Design Department, Fritz Campost, a 2nd Year ID student. Everyone’s questions were answered as the first ever Tekno King of Pop was named in the person of Julius Caesar Salazar, the Michael Jackson of the ECE Department. The program ended with a satisfying smile on everyone’s face.
But the event didn’t end there as the CEA staffs gave out a raffle promo sponsored by Smart Telecommunications.
Some may have not brought home the bacon, but it was still a satisfying night full of surprises and Entertainment.

A Remarkable Tekno: Reyjohn Lorca

A Remarkable Tekno: Reyjohn Lorca
by Elijohn S. Alcaraz

Of the many definitions I found online of the word remarkable, one struck me as the most fitting for this certain tekno I’ll very soon introduce - although I’m certain almost everyone knows him already. Remarkable was defined as: a state of being striking or extraordinary. My friends, Mr. Rey John Lorca, a graduate of B.S. Architecture, Batch 2009.
What made Lorca remarkable is not only did he bring honor to our College, but he brought honor to the entire University as well. He did so by becoming one of the Top Outstanding Student of the Philippines (TOSP), Region 6, Batch 2009. And to become one is not at all easy. As a matter of fact, of the hundred plus years existence of our university, only four yet has been able to qualify as a TOSPian, with Lorca as the latest. His three predecessors were Mr. Jigger Latoza, Mr. Eric Divinagracia, and Mr. Johnny Esmilla – all of which are equally remarkable.
But Lorca didn’t purposely aim for TOSP when he got into college; actually, he had no idea about it. He simply did his duty as a student, and may I add he did it with excellence. He was a consistent dean’s lister, and in no time, he rapidly became recognized as a student leader. Lorca joined various organizations and became active in them. He went up the ranks, and was soon juggling both academics and extra-curricular activities. A few of such organizations he joined were the USA Rotaract Club, ATELIER, and USA Badminton Club, all three of which he became its president. He was also a USA Student Council officer, and of course – our very own EACO. These are just some of the many organizations he joined, and with these he was molded and trained, to become and achieve what he has now. So what exactly are the requirements needed to become one of the Top Outstanding Student of the Philippines?
First, and the very basic, one has to be nominated by the University. Of course, the University was more than happy to nominate Lorca as he was very productive and contributed much to the University. Second, one has to have exemplary performance in three categories: Academics, Leadership, and Social Responsibilities. To be able to have an exemplary performance at academics, one’s GPA must be at least 1.5 or 90. And this comprised 30% of the criteria – oh yes, it had a criteria. For leadership category (30%), every extra-curricular and co-curricular activity including leadership trainings fall here. As for the third – Social Responsibility (30%), one is asked: “What sort of impact have you affected on your society?” One’s contributions and good deeds done for the community is acknowledged here. The remaining 10% goes to every quiz bee one has participated in.
Okay, so to be able to present all this, one has to compile everything – a list with details of everything that an applicant has participated in, be it a minor or major event so long as it was official, reinforced with proper proof that the applicant has been there, such as certificates and awards. Without these so called proofs, the activity the applicant has joined will not be acknowledged, and will be considered void, even if he has been truly there. All of these will be compiled and be neatly arranged in what they call: the Bid Book. The Bid Books are what the screening committee will be mostly looking at, choosing among the applicants the best of the best, considering only those who are noticeably worthy. Bid Books passed by TOSP applicants are so thick, they have to put it in a hardbound cover so that its contents won’t spill. And Lorca wasn’t far behind when it came with his Bid Book.
Of course Lorca was after all human too, and he didn’t have that much confidence in his own book. What if the others had greater feats accomplished than him? What if they had international events participation and his own weren’t enough? It was normal he felt that way, and it only added to the excitement of this whole event. Of course Lorca too had notable accomplishments that simply cannot be waived off. When Lorca graduated, he was awarded with the Academic Distinction Award. He was likewise a National Board of Director of the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary – a national institution for Architecture Students. And get a load of this: he was a scholar of the Association of Filipino Architects in Washington D.C. And to be chosen as one among many architectural students in the Philippines is quite challenging because one should simply stand out. After all, Lorca turned out to have international feats too. Furthermore, he was the founder of the Recycle-Mania Project. A healthy competition among schools in Iloilo City wherein the “Pera sa Basura” concept is materialized, and total waste in Iloilo City is significantly reduced. These are just some of the events that according to Lorca, were memorable and precious to him. He didn’t want to say others more because surprisingly, he was shy about them. Now there’s one trait every Augustinian should possess: humility.
So now came the big TOSP event on the fourth week of April which lasted six days and five nights, where twenty chosen applicants in the region will be reduced to ten. It is here in this event where applicants are further enhanced as individuals, and are explained to them that every person there is not competition, but a fellow TOSPian as well. It was very pressuring for Lorca on the first day especially when he found out that among twenty of them, he was the only one without Latin honors. Talk about minor insecurities on his part, well of course in that situation, anyone can feel the same way. But that soon disappeared when explained to them about the non-competition-among-fellow-candidates thing. Meaning, if you were already there, you were already considered a TOSPian regardless of the end results, and everything that you do from day 1 to day 5 doesn’t add points to the probability that you can belong to the upper ten. It was a series of activities and training with no point system that simply helped individuals become better persons. So why not just get along with fellow companions, right? It all came down to the last event though, the interview part where the candidates will be interviewed one by one and will be judged according to how well or sincere he or she answers them. This is the basis for becoming the upper ten.
The days passed by smoothly for Lorca as he enjoyed the activities and discovered new friends along the way. Everyone turned out to be okay, and how everyone wished each one would belong to the upper ten. But that can’t be as they were twenty, can it? So everyone wished each other luck, and wished it sincerely.
The interview day came and all were crossing fingers. Each marched into the room and answered the questions as best as they can. Lorca was no exception to this. When it was his turn, the interviewers first asked him ice-breaker questions, to help him relax. It was a series of questions that looked out for inconsistencies and fluctuations in one’s answers. But Lorca did just fine. When he was asked with the final question, he passed it with flying colors as he knew the answers by heart. It was a very simple question really; he was asked what his plans for the community were after this whole TOSP thing is over. He answered truthfully by saying he wanted to help build a wastewater treatment where wastewater is treated organically, and as well further his recycling projects. It was but normal for Lorca to answer this way because he has a special and profound concern for the environment that I wished everyone possessed, including me.
The last day came, and the upper ten was revealed. Of course, Lorca belonged to them. Though he was the only one without Latin honors, it didn’t stop him from becoming one. When I asked him what he wanted to share to his fellow Augustinians who aspire to become a TOSPian, or rather an achiever in general, he had this to say: “Passion, motivation and determination are your tools that will aid you reach what you want. Always think right, and don’t stop until you reach that which you desire, for everyone can be outstanding too if he only wills himself to be so. Above all, look to God for guidance. Pray, for He will never leave you nor forsake, and give Him that which is due His.”
This is an invite to every person out there: we can be whatever we want to be as long as we put our hearts and minds to them. Problems and tribulations will surely come, but everyone gets them, don’t we all? It’s just a matter of how we would react to them. And if there’s one thing that I find is common among achievers that is worth acknowledging, is that they know what they want, and they reinforce it with preparation and proper action. In short, they’ve got intense goal setting. Lorca has it too, and he truly is a Remarkable Tekno. He is an inspiration, and there’s something in him that we should learn. Whatever that is, only we ourselves can tell. But what I do know is this, we are Teknos, and we sure do have the capability to be outstanding.


Goldwynn D. Navarro

Sometimes people just have to admit: the toilet should be the first-floor nominee for the number “man’s best friend” Oscar’s. It is not the fuzzy dog “bungee-jumpying” on your lap and licking you toes sticky wet earl at four in the morning for an anticipated meal, nor is it the pair of headsets lazily hanging around your neck while unleashing catastrophic head-bangs in complement with the music playing.
The toilet is the real breathing room. It is in this six-faced, eight-cornered (I am thinking of the rectangular type) enclosure that we are given a chance to catch freedom for the first time and for a while, jitters of contemporary tickling sensations racing past each other from between our groins, and back and forth our ear lobes every after kick of pleasure.
It is just then that we realize that to experience happiness, true of its kind is not solely confined to two of the trite ideas that are never hesitant to leave the mind with a crunch and clutter: love, with which everybody goes madly gaga about, dreaming to have one for keeping; and victory, which obviously on the other hand, is the bottom target of every person of strict directives, and of stress.
They are to enter later. They are not hurried. They wait.
Now is the only pun to answer and “Now” is the only answer you can get.
The toilet is nonetheless the personification of what sort of life most people exhibit this very instance. We dump, we let go and move towards a more savory and restored satisfaction. We lock ourselves in secrecy behind the uncanny company of the toilet and mock, laugh, wonder and reflect on the memories of the day fascinated and absorbed.
This material world of vanity and excuses is just a guarantee that in the “other end of the rainbow”, in the other light of profound understanding; there exists another abode that is perfect, just like the toilet. The comfort room we say.
Every event with which we are sailing on is naught but an ephemeral encounter with merriment and a second to sin, and eventually of fear and disdainful pain. Despite the grey matter, it is not all life has to offer: we still have the privilege to hope and to change for the better persons we can be, don’t we?
And as you flush the toilet bowl following an energy-depriving-mustering battle with your “despicable”, and watch them plummet down to the darkness of the soil pipes, have you every thought: “I am normal. I am sane and capable of happiness. Why shouldn’t I make a stand today?”
FLUSH!!! Worries are gone for good.

Athletics ‘09

Athletics ‘09
Ian Aragorat, Data by Vice Mendoza

Courage and determination are the common pictures seen on the faces of the participants during the Athletics events as part of the Intramurals. Each player participating bore the name and pride of his own college, making them more competitive and eager to bring home the bacon.
The Intramurals is an annual event for students to improve their skills and competitiveness with each other. They are trained to be effective athletes of their own Colleges. The Intramurals happened last August 2009 and was officially opened by the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals. Sportsmanship is always the first rule of this event and it’s an opportunity for players to show their hidden skills and capacities as grown up individuals and potential athletes of their generations. And after a long heart pounding series of eliminations, our CEA players rose and hailed as follows:

Chess, Men – Champion
Chess, Women – 2nd Runner-up
Table Tennis, Men – Champion
Basketball, Women – 2nd Runner-up
Football, Men - Champion

Attesting to an Aged Splendor’s Flight

Attesting to an Aged Splendor’s Flight
John Michael Elritz Gallo

Merely new people are those who wonder what these Latin words mean. These words just hang there, overhead, on the gates, with Virtus on the left and Scientia on the right. Running on both sides of the main entrance were giant trees that seemed to guard a fortress. The vintage building that first welcomes the eyes of the visitor makes an impression that the place has aged.
The College of Engineering and Architecture, formerly known as College of Technology, lie on a not so long walk from the main gate, but a few steps from the side gate. Its building structure stands for its name: Technology – modernism.
This academic year, a long list of freshmen finally learned that Virtus and Scientia mean Virtue and Science (not entrance and exit), and they are to attest that some things don’t change; they don’t age. Along with the revival of our college paper, six freshmen gets a head start in revealing their own thoughts about certain issues in the University and in their present college life.

Danny Gicano
Civil Engineering 1
“When I first took glimpse of the University, I found it pleasant, tranquil and grand. When it came to adjusting to college life, I found it easy because, firstly, my college mates are somewhat similar to my high schoolmates when it comes to the way they act and do, and I could interact with them easily. Secondly, the teachers are very approachable and are people I can relate to. If I compare my high school life to college life, I think college life is better, because if we consider and weigh the things that we learn in college, they comprise most of what determines our future.”

Neal Andrius Sevilla
Architecture 1-A
“My expectations were somehow satisfied. Remember, this is college so the teachers do not reach out their hands entirely to us. Our learning depends on us. On my part, I am challenged and forced to persevere more. When it comes to adjusting to college life, at first, it was hard because you get to meet unusual people, but eventually, time just passed by unnoticeably. I now feel comfortable because people here seem to be more mature and easy to be with. If I were to choose between high school and college, as what is better, I choose high school. I had more freedom when it comes to studies. I could choose to study hard or not, and I could study only before examinations. If you are in college, you have to review your notes almost everyday, seriously.”

Nanette Marie Caputero
Architecture 1-A
“College is somehow similar to high school, but this time I must show more enthusiasm and confidence to do what I like and show my talents for it is a bigger world with bigger opportunities. The University, the first time I set my eyes on it, looked old and unwelcoming. On the first day of class, the same silent and boring ambience was felt inside the classroom. I felt really awkward about it. I was expecting to see some kind of exceptional talent displays. I was expecting to meet brilliant people, but I became disappointed. I was also expecting the teachers would really give us hard times with plenty of home and school works and activities, and this time I am very glad that my expectation turned down.

Nikka Grace Yoro
Interior Design 1
“The University of San Agustin is big and wide. It’s one thing I had to adjust to. Adjusting to the whole new world was hard for me, and I even got hit by culture shock. Another thing is that this university teaches Catholic Christianity, and I believe in a different religion. My expectations were satisfied. The teachers are fine and fair. They teach very well, but of course I also expected that they will care less to students because this is college. Somehow, actually, college seems to be like high school, and as a freshman, I like high school more.”

Steven Mel Isturis
“When I was just an incoming college student, I got excited thinking about how much vacant time I can have when I can finally step on the world of college. During the day of enrollment, I was nervous. It was only me who roamed around for the entire enrollment process, having difficulty with how to’s and where to’s. one thing I like about here is that the buildings are near each other. What I noticed that’s so unpleasing for me is the lack of uniformity and unity in buildings and classrooms. As time went by, I adjusted and I started to realize that life here is fun.

From the writer:
“Age does determine the quality, but to this University and to our college, our stamina and strength for rising up to the skies and reaching for the stars are as high as the number of years this University has stood. This is how I see it. Everyday, I see determined dreamers who persevere just as I used to see in high school. There is no stop in dreaming as you breathe. Everyday, people live by rules. They keep order and harmony. Everyday, I see little previews of tomorrow students and teachers show. Our teachers are guidance. We are the learners. We control our lives. Everday, I see life as the same as before and maybe after – a series of learning and discoveries. College is just another beginning. It is but a little time yet gigantic weapon we can use as we face the challenges of life. So it is now time to set a goal and do what an Augustinian student must do. We can never tell what’s best until we experience every bit of everything, until we travel every second of time. We can never tell what’s best until we reach our destination, but we can always choose what to treasure most as we go along the journey. Let Virtus et Scientia be our sword and shield in facing the new tomorrow awaiting us.

Basta may Tekno, Hapos!

Basta may Tekno, Hapos! –by Elijohn S. Alcaraz

It’s quite amazing how technology quickly caught up with us students of the CEA. After all, we’re called TEKNOs – Technology for short. Here and there you’d see Teknos fiddling with gadgets and every lighting and blinking thing of a jig, doing whatsoever from downloading music, enjoying games or finishing school requirements. Even the basic calculator is now upgraded; the famous fx-991ES by Casio with natural display and can quickly solve calculus and quadratic formulas. Almost everyone has it. And what about school papers? Almost everyone passes school papers typewritten. Still know anyone who does it by pen and hand? Exactly my point, right? Imagine the times when our professors were still students and they had to do everything manually, from plates to equations. God only knows what if the students of today be forced with the same experience. Even I can’t imagine it as I myself am very dependent to the blessings technology bring. Plates can be easily projected with design softwares such as AutoCad and Staad. Calculation and tabulations quickly solved via Excel. There’s even a course offered in our college that basically revolves around computers and gadgetry. Whatever you need to get things quickly done, it never hurts to put some digital aid to nudge things a bit – unless of course you’re doing it to “illegally” come up with answers in one of your morning pop quizzes, if you know what I mean.
Technology brings good will to us all if only we’d use it rightly. On the other hand, technology can likewise compromise us if we over depended on it. It’s a double edged blade. Like in my case one time, I didn’t do my requirements ahead of time because I was confident that with the aid of computers, I can get it done in a zip. But then when I was about to work on it the night before the deadline, a blackout came down all over the city and I didn’t know what to do about it. The blackout lasted all throughout the night, and I was able to come up with nothing. Hence, passed nothing. Luckily our professor was kind enough to give an extension, so I lived.
This was just a simple example of how unaware we are sometimes of our over dependent on technology. I just hope that nobody out there gets a harder realization than what I had. Of course it’s still best to learn the fundamentals and work on it first before fully shifting to computer-aided work. Work on solid ground first, as we engineers always say. And also, a little exercise won’t hurt. Sitting in front of a computer all day is not so healthy too, we shouldn’t give all the exercise to our fingers and wrists alone. So every once in awhile, flex, stretch and pump our bodies to give us the exercise we need. And most of all, keep on learning. For technology doesn’t stand still and linger. It expands and upgrades itself to a far more advanced state, so as users we also should need to keep ourselves open to the possibilities and just go forward with technology. Keep it fun, and in no time learning wouldn’t be so hard after all.
There’s nothing in here that you don’t already know, it’s just a simple reminder that we should be the ones using technology, and not the other way around. So if sometimes you find yourself struggling over something, ask around. Because sometimes we can be also unaware that there’s already something created out there that exactly suits our need. Because who knows, with technology the possibilities are limitless!